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Post by Patrick » Wed May 05, 2010 12:28 pm

Hallo Leutz
Bi vorhär kurz im Systema Forum (jä mir isch langwilig) über dä Post vom Tackleberry (God of PTW Tuning) gstolperet und wird sicher vor allem de Corni interessiere:

"The main spring is the length it is not because manufactures think it's funny to make you struggle when working on the gear box but to control bounce.

As a comparison I'll take the valve spring from an internal combustion engine. The valves on an engine are held shut by springs (we'll leave out air valves and desmo valve trains here). If you strip the valve gear and remove the spring you'll notice that when not under held in place by the cap and collets the spring is 50~70% longer. This is so that valve is not only held shut under tension but as the engines revs rise the valve will snap shut without bouncing (take note of the bouncing bit). Eventually any engine reaches a point when the valves will bounce and start to flutter but thats another story.

Now the AEG spring (makes no difference whether its a PTW or otherwise) serves the same purpose. That extra length is there to ensure that when the piston head hits the cylinder head there is enough tension in the spring to prevent piston bounce.


Simple. If the piston bounces too much (there'll always be a small amount) the sector gear can pick the piston up at the wrong point on it's next cycle. This can result in either stripped or shattered pistons or stripped gear teeth.

This likelyhood of this happening is increased the faster you make the gun fire.

So, by cutting off coils you reduce the natural tension in the spring and increase the risk of damage.

The other problem being that a spring is wound and finished so it sits flat. Cutting coils causes the spring to sit kinked and this also causes failuer issues.

I've lost count of the amount of messes I've had to clear up over the years because someone thought it would be a good idea to chop a load of coils off a spring.

I will admit there is a small margin that can be got away with but at the end of the day it's just bodging.....


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